VGA Wall Plate Balun II, Mon Side, US

VGA Wall Plate Balun II, Mon Side, US

The VGA Wall Balun II eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable, allowing a VGA source to be connected to a VGA monitor via one (1) Cat5e/6 cable. The VGA Wall Balun II allows VGA video to be transmitted up to 350ft (107m) via Cat5e/6 at 800 x 600 resolution. The 500043-WP-US works with the 500041-WP-US or in conjunction with the 500041 or 500042. The 500041-WP-US works with the 500043-WP-US or in conjunction with the 500040 or 500043. Typical applications include digital signage, boardroom systems, classroom video instruction and custom audio-video systems. The product features a ƒ?oresetƒ??? button that may be required when used in conjunction with certain sync-sensitive displays.

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  • Fully supports Cat5e/6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP)*

  • Cost efficient versus VGA cable

  • DecoraT compatible

  • Save conduit space

  • * Reset button on units may be required with certain sync-sensitive displays. Not compatible with 500010, 500011 and 500014. Does not support DDC handshaking


Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs (0.300 kg)
Dimensions 1.97 H x 4.33 W x 5.12 L in (13.00 × 11.00 × 5.00 cm)


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