HDMI 2.0 Fiber Extender Kit

HDMI 2.0 Fiber Extender Kit

The HDMI 2.0 Fiber Extender Kit, 500464 enables the user to transmit 4K (4096×2160) video at 60Hz signal up to 330ft (100m) via OM3 multi-mode fiber, with any form of scaling or data compression being applied to the signal. This device supports a total data throughput of 18Gbps (6Gbps per lane).

The unit supports two (2) LC connectors The Transmitter may be powered via USB power (with the included power supply), or from the 5V supplied from pin #18 of the HDMI connector of the source side only.


  • Residential, commercial and professional AV systems
  • Industrial megapixel video
  • Classroom projector systems
  • Digital signage
  • Inter-building systems
  • Medical video systems
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  • Supports the HDMI 2.0 standard
  • Up to 4K (4096×2160) resolution, @ 60Hz
  • Bandwidth of 18Gbps
  • Up to 330ft (100m) over OM3 50/125???m multi-mode fiber
  • Supports CEC, EDID & HDCP 2.2
  • High retention HDMI connector to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Robust compact metal enclosure

Additional information

Weight 0.99 lbs (0.450 kg)
Dimensions 2.56 H x 7.87 W x 10.04 L in (25.50 × 20.00 × 6.50 cm)

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