70V Audio Converter

The MuxLab 70V Audio Converter may be paired with the 500755-AMP-RX and 500217 amplifiers to support 70V speaker systems at the amplifier output.

The 70V Audio Converter is a passive device and can be easily mounted anywhere near the amplifier that it is to be connected with. It adapts a standard 4 ohm amplifier output that has been configured in bridge mode (mono) to a 70V speaker system. 70V speaker systems allow multiple speakers to be chained together over much longer distances than traditional 4 ohm speakers can accommodate.

Excellent for distributing speakers in:

  • School intercom systems
  • Auditoriums
  • Large halls
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  • Adapt an amplifier’s bridged 4 ohm speaker output to a 70V speaker system
  • Daisy-chain multiple 70V speakers from one source over a distributed layout
  • Extend speakers over long distances
  • Connects with 500755-AMP in Bridge Mode configuration at 100W (mono)
  • Connects with 500217 amplifier in Bridge Mode configuration at 100W (mono)
  • Power not required

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs (1.450 kg)
Dimensions 3.35 H x 5.12 W x 7.64 L in (19.40 × 13.00 × 8.50 cm)