Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W

Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W

Download the calibration software.

The MuxLab Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W (500221) is a highperformance full band and easy installation speaker ideal for providing background music and vocal performance in a wide range of applications and installations and is designed with advanced linear sound source technology.

The MuxLab Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W comes with a 6.5” coaxial 40W loudspeaker driver that has excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth, and smooth frequency response which makes this the top choice for today’s overhead commercial and residential applications. To achieve the distribution of power supply, audio signal transmission, and control functions the Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W uses only a network cable, making it a very economical option with great energy savings.

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  • Dante protocol
  • Built-in power amplifier module
  • Precise DSP matching
  • Power Supply via PoE
  • Free sound calibration software tool available

Additional information

Weight 8.53 lbs (3.870 kg)
Dimensions 3.49 H x 4.71 W x 4.78 L in (12.13 × 11.97 × 8.86 cm)

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