ProDigital Network Controller

ProDigital Network Controller

The MuxLab ProDigital Network Controller is a Linux-based PC that allows users to control hub-installed MuxLab products via an Ethernet Web interface.

When installed on a local area network (LAN), the MuxLab Network Controller will scan the LAN for connected MuxLab AV over IP products allowing the user to auto-discover, configure and control the connectivity of these products through an Ethernet Web interface. The Controller may also be managed by MuxLab’s MuxControl App and the 500816-IP 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel. The unit may also be used to manage firmware upgrades of connected MuxLab devices.

An Application Program Interface (API) is available supporting a number of third party partner control applications running on smartphones and tablets.

Ethernet Switch Support Documents:

  1. Cisco Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  2. Luxul Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  3. NetGear Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  4. Huawei Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
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  • Centralized control of MuxLab AV over IP devices
  • Managed via Web Interface
  • Manages AV over IP device configuration & connectivity
  • Supports connectivity presets
  • May be managed by MuxControl App and 500816-IP 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel
  • Centralized management of AV over IP device firmware updates
  • Supports an API for Third Party App integration (*)
  • Serves as a base platform to develop automation control applications (*) Third party drivers available via MuxLab Website

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Weight 2.73 lbs (1.240 kg)
Dimensions 2.87 H x 8.46 W x 10.04 L in (25.50 × 21.50 × 7.30 cm)

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