Touch Control Panel 5 inch, PoE

Touch Control Panel 5 inch, PoE

The MuxLab Touch Control Panel 5 inch, PoE (model: 500817) is a versatile wall touch control panel for MuxLab devices and third-party products. The device combines the capabilities of an in-wall touch panel and an advanced control processor. Featuring a 5” high-resolution color touch screen, and two-way feedback, the device supports the addition of various programmable buttons that can be placed on different pages as required. The unit supports one (1) Ethernet port (for TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, and Telnet), two (2) RS-232 ports, one (1) RS-485port, one (1) Infrared port, two (2) voltage sense ports, and two (2) Relay ports for control of end devices.

The MuxLab Touch Control Panel 5 inch, PoE can control MuxLab products including MuxLab’s AV over IP system via the 500812 Pro Digital Network Controller, MuxLab’s TCP/IP, Telnet andRS-232 managed Matrix Switches, as well as third party devices such as projectors, projector screens, displays, AV sources, and other similar devices. The 500817 Touch Control Panel can be programmed, configured, and managed via the web interface.

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  • 5″ LCD panel resolution 480×800
  • Control end devices via TCP/IP, UDP, Telnet, RS232, IR & Relay
  • Programmable via Web Interface
  • Powered using power supply or PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Supports the addition of variousprogrammable buttons that can be placedon different pages.
  • Supports one (1) Ethernet port, two (2) RS-232 ports, one (1) RS-485 port, one (1)Infrared port, two (2) voltage sense ports,and two (2) Relay ports

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Weight 1.32 lbs (0.600 kg)
Dimensions 1.16 H x 2.79 W in (7.09 × 2.95 cm)

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